• 2016 Eclectic Collection Box

Bench Warmer

2016 Eclectic Collection Box

Sold Out

  • Eclectic Collection Box
  • Multi Pack of 4 Boxes
  • USA-Sealed 8 Box Case
  • International-Sealed 8 Box Case


Bench Warmer is excited to bring you the New and Improved Eclectic Series 2!  You spoke and we listened ~ we talked to dealers on how to make it better and now have one of the greatest Bench Warmer diverse value products ever made!  No more old packs – just an incredible value of mostly new and some old.  Just like before, we also include a highly diverse assortment of different Autographs from past releases in this product for extra value.  The new and improved Eclectic Series 2 features:  Eclectic Swatch (1 per box); Sara Underwood Premium 20 Card Set (1 card per box); Eclectic Autographs (4 per box); NEW Eclectic Premium Base (2 per box); NEW Eclectic Jumbo Box Toppers (1 per box); NEW Daizy Dukez Minis; NEW Thanksgiving Autograph Set; NEW Promo Cards; and NEW Eclectic One of One Jewels (1 per case).  20 cards per box.  Buy 1 box for $99.95 (plus shipping) or buy more and save.  Multi pack of 4 boxes $379.00 (plus shipping).  Buy a Sealed  8 Box Case for $749.00 postpaid in the USA; International add $35.00 for postage (Total $784.00).  Multi pack of 4 boxes SOLD OUT.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipment.